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San Francisco and Sausalito Wine Tasting and Tour


Hotel, Group Dining, Wine Tasting, Tours, Museum, Transportation
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About Mahogany Society

As a travel provider, Mahogany Society works with a number of travel suppliers both large and small to create the perfect getaway for our clients. We take pride in the large number of hotels, restaurants, shops, events, tours, and attractions that we include on our platform that are owned and operated by African/African American businesses.

Why is this important to us? Mahogany Society's vision is to create a network amongst African/African American communities from around the world that embrace the rich heritage, foods, music, dance, history, and traditions of this iconic culture.

Through this network, travelers will be able to receive a more authentic, phileo love experience while traveling. They will be able to learn without prejudice the true stories of the indigenous people of the areas in which they are visiting whether it's right here in the US or a different continent altogether.

Our destinations include: the US, Canada, Caribbean/Antilles, Africa, Central America, South America, Mexico, Australia, Asia, and Europe.



Frequently asked Questions

Mahogany Society is a full-service travel and tourism agency. We assist members by offering recommendations on travel destinations, making travel arrangements and bookings, and providing resources for staying in compliance with travel documents, guidelines, protocols, and restrictions.
Mahogany Society was established in 2016 as means for black business owners to advertise and promote their businesses. Today we have evolved into a full travel and tourism service provider that offers the best of both worlds. Members will not only be able to find and support great black-owned businesses but also enjoy a great getaway using our travel services.
No, not at all. Our members as well as many of our suppliers come from many backgrounds and nationalities from around the world. Our services are welcome to anyone who chooses to join.
Yes, we do, in fact, it’s our specialty! Not only do we offer bookings for individual travel groups we also have our own travel groups that are part of the Mahogany Society Travel club. These groups were created to help members explore the world while meeting new people and building a few relationships in between. To join our travel club, send an email to travelclub@mahoganysociety.com
No, there is no fee to join our platform or any of our travel clubs. All you have to do is register and become a member.
To become a Mahogany Society Travel Club Leader, send a request to travelclub@mahoganysociety.com
To receive the registration form.
Register first as a member on our website. Once logged in click Business Registration at the top of the screen to complete the registration form.
Yes, you do not have to join a travel club to use our site services. You can use any of our services for your own personal travel use as long as you are a registered member of the site.
Cancellations, refunds, and exchanges are issued based on the cancellation, refund, and or exchange policy of the vendor, supplier, and the promotional package being advertised. All refunds, exchanges, and cancellation policies will be clearly displayed for your convenience. It is advised that you review these policies prior to making your purchase to ensure that you are within the guidelines of receiving a refund, and or exchange is applicable.
Mahogany Society is dedicated to keeping members up to date on deadlines, travel documents, new travel guidelines, COVID testing, and more. We offer blogs, articles, travel checklists, notifications, and even personal concierges who can assist you in staying up to date on tasks to be completed for your upcoming trip.